Lauren conducts truly multi-disciplinary research on sustainability, global development, international business, commodity supply chains, the food industry. Her competencies in the fields of Anthropology, Geography, Development Studies, and Business Sustainability are evident in the high-impact, highly-cited contributions that she has made as a lead and sole author to the literature on food and development, and on sustainable food systems. She is the co-author of Commodity Politics: Contesting Responsibility in Cameroon published in 2022 by McGill-Queen’s University Press. This book detailed the sustainability, ESG, and CSR challenges facing firms in the commodities business in numerous sectors including palm oil, gold, sugar, cocoa, and the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline.

Highest Impact Peer-Reviewed Publications

As Lead Author

Sneyd, Lauren Q., Alexander Legwegoh and Evan D.G. Fraser (2013) Food Riots: Media Perspectives on the Causes of Food Protest in Africa. Food Security, 5(4), 485–497. [99+ citations]

As Sole Author

Sneyd, Lauren (2013) Wild Food, Prices, Diets and Development: Sustainability and Food
Security in Urban Cameroon. Sustainability, 5(11), 4728–4759. [63+ citations & 10000+ views]

Further Articles as Sole Author or Collaborator in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Sole Author

Sneyd, Lauren (2015) Zoning in: The Contributions of Buyam-Sellams to Constructing Cameroon’s wild food zone. Geoforum, 59, 73-86. [Impact factor 2.96]

With Collaborators

Fraser, Evan D. G., Alexander F. Legwegoh, Michael CoDyre, Goretty Dias, Shelley Hazen,
Rylea Johnson, Krishna KC, Ralph C. Martin, Lisa Ohberg, Sri Sethuratnam, Lauren Sneyd, John Smithers, Hannah Wittman, Rene Van Acker, Jennifer Vansteenkiste (2016).
Biotechnology or organic? Extensive or intensive? Global or local? A critical review of potential pathways to resolve the global food crisis. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 48, 78-87. [Impact Factor 8.519 & 127+ citations]

Sneyd, Adam, Alexander Legwegoh and Lauren Sneyd (2015) Food Security Perspectives in Central Africa, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 33 (1), 1-21.

Chapters Published as Sole Author in Significant Scholarly Books on Food

Sneyd, Lauren (2017) “We eat what we have, not what we want”: The policy effects of food riots and eating after the 2008 crisis in Cameroon. In Naomi Hossain and Patta Scott-Villiers Eds. Food Riots, Food Rights and the Politics of Provisions. Routledge.

Sneyd, Lauren (2016) Wild Food Consumption and Urban Food Security. In Jonathan
Crush and Jane Battersby Eds. Rapid Urbanisation, Urban Food Deserts and Food Security in Africa. Springer.

Sneyd, Lauren (2016) A Missed Opportunity for Research and Development Interventions: Gender and the Wild Food Trade in Urban Cameroon. In Jemimah Njuki, John Parkins and Amy Kaler, Eds. Transforming Gender and Food Security in the Global South. EarthScan/Routledge/IDRC.

Other Scholarship and Research-Informed Publications

Sneyd, Lauren and Adam Sneyd (2014) Will it be Famine or Feast as Big Food Retailers look to the Continent, Think Africa Press.

Johnson, Rylea, Cayla Albrecht, Steffi Hamann, Lauren Sneyd, Lisa Ohberg, and Mike CoDyre (2013) Towards Alternative Food Systems Development: Exploring Limitations and Research Opportunities, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 3(4), 151–159. [non-refereed publication]

Book Reviews

Sneyd, Lauren (2015) Book Review: Africa Uprising: Popular Protest and Political
Change. Adam Branch and Zachariah Mampilly. Africa Today, 62(2), 127-128.

Sneyd, Lauren (2013) Book Review: Crisis and Neoliberal Reform in Africa: Civil Society
and Agro-Industry in Anglophone Cameroon’s Plantation Economy. Piet Konings. Canadian Journal of African Studies, 47(1), 165–167.

Sneyd, Lauren (2013) Book Review: Food Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community. ed. Hannah Wittman, Annette Aurelie Desmarais and Nettie Wiebe, Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 34(1), 139–140

In Preparation

Sneyd, Lauren (in preparation) Autoimmune Health and Dietary Transitions: Personal Reflections. Canadian Food Studies.


Lauren with Dr. Nkabeng T. Maruping-Mzileni at the 2018 Next Einstein Forum